Swing-Hinged Flood Gates


Our Swing-Hinged Flood Gates

Our swing-hinge flood gates are ideal for openings where there is a step or ramp.  The aluminum construction results in a lightweight and easy to use gate that provides full flood protection.

These flood gates are designed for extreme weather durability to give a lifetime of service; the custom gaskets are designed to reform after prolonged compression, the gates are lockable and have anti-theft and vandal resistant features.

Swing-Hinged Flood Gates

Swing-hinge flood gates provide either flooding protection or chemical containment in bunded areas.  The gates are securely sealed with 2 or 3 lever type locking handles.  The precision engineered hinges allow the gates to open the full 180° and this can be further extended to 270° with modification.

With the use of a removable centre support the swing-hinged flood protection gates can be paired to provide protection for wider openings.

Swing-Hinged Flood Gates

Swing-Hinged Flood Gates Lifespan

The flood gate components are manufactured from construction grade steel and aluminum with stainless steel options for salt water environments.  They are suitable for constant daily use and can be left semi-permanently installed.

With a 50 year design life T6 grade stainless steel components, lifetime lubricated phosphor bronze hinges, powder coated marine grade aluminum beams, FCI’s swing-hinged flood guards are virtually maintenance free.

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