Products Covered

All manufactured floodgates, flood barriers and flood doors and components thereof.


There is a significant risk to product quality from Counterfeit, Fraudulent and Substandard Items (CFSI).  To help mitigate this risk, many customers are now requiring suppliers of materials and components to implement processes that aim to prevent, detect and dispose of CFSI.

Risk Mitigation

Flood Control International Ltd.  employs a number of processes during manufacture of materials and components that help prevent, detect and dispose of CFSI.

The chart below details the mitigation of risk from each step of the process:


  • Suppliers evaluated and approved in-line with a documented process
  • Raw materials are purchased to agreed specifications.

    Goods Inwards

  • Incoming product accompanied by certification, checked against original PO
  • Incoming product inspected for suspect items and validated against specification 
  • Any non-conformance raised with the supplier and material rejected if necessary.

Storage/Stock Holding

Product used for manufacture is stored in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations, or, where such recommendations do not exist, in accordance with identified best practice.


  • Product is inspected and any non-conformance is reviewed and material/components rejected if necessary.

Examples of points for inspection from International Standards are appearance, inclusions/foreign objects and defects.


  • Product is tested to meet the requirements of international standards
  • Product identified as non-conforming is isolated, quarantined and disposed of accordingly.

Goods Outwards

All documentation is checked and approved prior to despatch, and product is certified in line with our ISO9001/AS9100 accreditation.


Flood Control International hereby declares that through the combination of a number of processes, some examples of which are shown in the above table, they mitigate any risk from CFSI to its customers.