Demountable Flood Barriers


Our demountable flood barriers are fully removable – so that when they are not needed there is hardly any evidence of the area being able to be quickly defended against flooding. These barriers work on level thresholds that can be paving or smooth finish concrete, with sockets anchors which have smart blanking bolts for when the system is not in use.

We design the barriers to suit the openings or layout as presented, and we can fabricate to allow for corners/ radiuses, steps as well as slopes.

This makes the demountable barrier system our most flexible designed-in flood barrier.

The barrier system itself is FM Global Certified, and outperforms the leakage requirements of international standards as well as BS851188. We are able to design barriers up to 4m in height, and with spans up to 3m wide before we introduce the removable intermediate posts. We can provide design calculations as well as drawings for every project as required.

For new developments we often design the barrier end channels to be hidden immediately behind any cladding, with smart cover plates, or we can detail fully removable ends if required.

Demountable Flood Barriers

To facilitate installation in new builds, we can supply pre-formed ground plates with integral anchors for the demountable supports.  Alternatively, drill and fix anchor sockets can be provided for unobtrusive fixing through finished paving.

The slot-in demountable flood barriers can be retrospectively fitted to suitable existing foundations in which case load certified, chemically fixed sleeve anchors are used to attach the removable channel supports.

Custom designed EPDM seals which have excellent resistance to UV and weathering, together with vandal resistant covers and lockable clamps, make this flood barrier system ideal for locations where semi-permanent installation is a requirement.

Stop Log Flood Barriers

Demountable BARRIERS

We design each system to meet the specified loads which may include debris or wave impact loads as well as hydrostatic loading to a given flood height. We are able to design systems up to 4m in height, using 300mm high individual interlocking beams.









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