Flood Prevention Products



Flood Barriers

From simple slot-in ‘stop-log’ water barriers to fully automatic barriers that operate only when required, FCI designs flood barriers with flood protection heights up to 13ft and unlimited length.

Automatic flood barriers can operate to self-raise with the rising flood water or be push button operated so that the flood barrier can be operated in advance of floods with full peace of mind. They can also be manually operated as required.

new york office flood control gate

Flood Gates

FCI’s specialist engineers design tailor-made flood gates that provide dependable flood protection whilst maximizing access availability. The flood gates can be designed to operate on a dead level threshold allowing unrestricted vehicle, pedestrian and disabled access.

Lightweight aluminum flood gates are available in widths up to 15ft and flood defense heights up to 6ft, and our steel floodgates are designed to any size. All flood gates can be automatic and push-button operated if required.

We make hinged flood gates, pivot flood gates and rolling flood gates in a full range of sizes.

spill protection automatic swing gate

Flood Doors

Our flood doors are designed to protect against flood and unauthorized entry and when a flood door is shut, it is flood proof. Our unique gasket arrangement guarantees flood protection to full height or above and flood doors can be fitted with a range of access / egress and security features as required. Our doors can also include for self-inflating gaskets where required.

double flood proof door in brick wall

Chemical Containment

Flood Control International offers a full range of chemical spill containment products to protect against chemical spillage or firefighting run-off.

Our secondary containment barriers can isolate a whole site or just part of a site to retain chemical spillages or fire-fighting runoff on the premises.

aluminum spill barrier in concrete bund

Flood Control International designs, supplies and installs the widest range of flood prevention solutions in the world, together with a full spectrum of associated professional services. We are proud to operate international subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Australia and India, as well as through distributors throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia. 

Our technical specialists and engineers produce custom-designed flood defenses, including flood barriers, flood gates, flood doors and equipment for chemical spill containment. Our flood control systems are installed throughout the USA, including New York, Boston, Connecticut, Miami, Arizona and California.


automatic swing floodgate flood protection

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Pivot Flood Gate in use at water treatment works.

Water Treatment Works

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